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Plantia Lipophile

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Plantia MAX

What is Plantia?

Tout sur Plantia Plantia, 100% natural, 100% effective, 100% safe. Plantia works in 4 ways. Plantia decreases the level of the brain receptor known as CB1 and the level of the liver enzyme known as SCD-1. When these levels are higher, the sensation of hunger is increased. When the levels are lower, this feeling is reduced.
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What is Plantia Lipophile?

Tout sur Plantia Plantia Lipophile contains a patented, unique and clinically tested ingredient. Plantia Lipophile is 100% natural, rich in fiber and other innovative properties. With its unique properties, Plantia Lipophile attracts, retains and burns fat ingested into the body when eating.
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What is Plantia MAX?

Tout sur Plantia Plantia MAX is specially formulated for today’s man. Based on our exceptionally successful Plantia formula, but with additional herbal ingredients, Plantia MAX offers men, for the first time, a natural supplement that not only addresses that troubling waistline, but also helps to contribute to improving the male metabolism: thus improving libido, invigorating muscles and even pumping up your sexual energy!
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