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PLANTIA Lipophile

plantia lipophile

PLANTIA Lipophile, is a natural fat burner

PLANTIA Lipophile is a unique formula, clinically tested and endorsed by the French Directorate Authority.
PLANTIA Lipophile is a 100% vegetal ingredient with rich and new properties.
Created from the family of cactus plants, PLANTIA Lipophile meets Biological Agricultural Standards; it is certified for vegetarian use.

With its fat burning properties, PLANTIA Lipophile has the ability to attract and to retain fats ingested in the body though food.
Scientifically, this means that the lipophilic property of a component is recognized in the fact that it can dissolve within the lipids and the non-polar solvents. The lipophilic substances interact with the fats; this relationship generates a reaction that is favorable to the absorption and the destruction of fats.

Clinical tests in two steps have proven that the soluble and insoluble fibers inherent to PLANTIA Lipophile come in direct contact with fats;

  • Stage 1: proof of interactions between the fat and insoluble fibers
  • Stage 2: these interactions are stabilized thanks to soluble fibers. They then form a stable gel at any level of pH

Due to these unique properties, PLANTIA Lipophile considerably reduces the absorption of ingested fats at the stomach level.

What recent scientific studies tell us:

Latest studies scientifically confirm the effect of PLANTIA Lipophile on fats. In addition, the last study has proven PLANTIA Lipophile's positive effect on blood lipid parameters.

  • PLANTIA Lipophile reduces the biological availability of fat acids in about 28%.
  • Thanks to PLANTIA Lipophile, fats absorption corresponds to about 27% in average.

Is PLANTIA Lipophile also good for your health?

Scientific studies conducted on PLANTIA Lipophile's active ingredients have shown that PLANTIA Lipophile helps:

  • Regulate some blood lipids parameters, a characteristic that helps reducing cardio-vascular risks.
  • Improves metabolism.

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