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PLANTIA's power: Incredible results from the very first day.

PLANTIA is approved by the French Directorate Authorities. Effective and Good for your Health! And now with a New Enriched Formula.

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PLANTIA contains a unique appetite suppressant formula that works on your body in 4 different ways. Its multiple actions will change your eating behavior: food becomes a simple fuel and is no longer your worst enemy that does not stop tormenting you!

PLANTlA is healthy and safe. It has been especially designed to meet the expectations of thousands of people like you who suffer from overweight, either light or significant. With PLANTIA, say farewell to yo-yo diets. Get rid of those excess pounds forever!

PLANTIA does not generate any secondary effect. Verified and Approved by the French Directorate Authorities (DGCCRF), PLANTIA is good for your body and is effective. Anyone who wants to lose weight may use it. However, its use amongst children and teenagers and pregnant women is not recommended. Ask for your doctor if you have any doubts.

PLANTIA is taken twice a day: 1 capsule 2 hours before lunch and one capsule 2 hours before diner. During withdrawal, you may reduce those doses. Many of our customers use PLANTIA on a regular basis, thus controlling those hunger urges we all have now and again.

It is recommended not to take more than 4 capsules a day.

PLANTIA's 4 functions

  • PLANTIA decreases the level of the brain receptor CB1, and the level of the liver enzyme SCD-1. When their level are elevated, we want to eat more.
  • PLANTIA helps your metabolism become more active and more energetic, thus burning calories more rapidly: instead of feeling weak when dieting, a problem known to many of us, you will have experience gained energy and enthusiasm!
  • PLANTIA reduces the quantity of calories transformed into fat.
  • PLANTIA increases the action named lipolysis - the process in which fat stored in cells is broken down and burned more easily, resulting in a loss of weight.

As its name implies, PLANTIA derives from plants, from Nature richness. Its formula has been scientifically tested and approved.

Its natural ingredients have the ability to provide a feeling of satiety – that feeling you get after eating a good meal and not wanting any more.

In addition, PLANTIA blocks fats from forming. It allows sugar to regularize within the blood, and therefore, not to provoke a signal of hunger. Among others, it is used for its virtues in Hindu traditional medicine named Ayurveda.

PLANTIA is unique since it has all the advantages of an appetite suppressant without having any of its disadvantages.

PLANTIA is not an amphetamine, nor an ephedrine. It does not boost your heart rate and has no repercussions on your blood pressure. PLANTIA cooperates with you and with your body.

Without depriving yourself of anything, you will only eat 2/3 of what you usually eat. Of course, you may eat even less in order to lose weight more rapidly.

Additional benefit: PLANTIA's users drink less alcohol and smoke less cigarettes, because, in addition, PLANTIA also acts on the brain receptor that generates the desire for smoke and drink. When you use PLANTIA, you really can change your lifestyle!


  • Slimaluma, a patented extract of the Caralluma Fimbriata plant, rich in Saponins - natural detergents that are effective antimicrobial, cholesterol-lowering, anticancer chemicals, and in Pregnanes (charge agent: maltodextrine), a nuclear receptor whose primary function is to sense the presence of foreign toxic substances and to clear these substances from the body
  • Green Tea Extract.

PLANTIA – The cost..

We at PLANTIA take your budget into consideration. However, remember that when you buy PLANTIA, you will save money: savings on your errands, restaurants and snacks budget. The real savings are on your health and your well-being. And these savings have no price!

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