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Find your energy where it really is… Inside yourself!

This is how we are: at any moment of our life, we must start all over, continuously, and begin working again, but how do we find all the strength to keep going when we encounter moral and tonus decline?

We find our energy in our resources. When a man is in a battlefield, where does he take his strength from when he does not eat or drink? He determines the goal he must reach. The only thing he is interested in.

When a human focuses on his objective, he does not verify if he has fallen or if he has risen up, if he has succeeded or failed, but he rather looks upon one thing only: how to reach his goal. When a human focuses on any objective, he is always going forwards toward this goal without worrying about anything else.

Never mind what has happened years, months, weeks, hours or minutes ago, there is a goal and we must look straight forward.

Life is limited in time and this is why the only thing you must consider is how to reach the next step of your life the best way possible. Nothing else is important.

In addition, if you look ahead, and despite all, you do not find energy, you may not look in the right direction, so, what should you do? First, you must calm down and then call your best friend or partner and ask them what they think of the situation.

Now, ask yourself the same question, what is your goal.

The situation is as follows: you have a goal, you try to describe it but you cannot manage to. You feel you lack the energy. It seems that your goal is not serious or important enough. An important goal would have boosted your energy. Therefore, you must find a more important goal.

How would you find a more important goal? What is the goal you truly aspire to? The answer to this question is the right one and should enlighten our horizon.

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