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Sport is the key to wellness! A few secrets to get started

If you must choose only one thing that would be good for your body and your mind, and that would help you losing some weight, chose physical activity.

Some advantages of physical activity:

Sport, or physical activity, protects you from a number of diseases and improves longevity and the quality of life.

  1. Physical activity psychologically helps maintain an alimentary framework. Therefore, you must practice physical activity on a daily or a weekly basis and this commitment requires real willpower.
  2. Physical activity is important to preserve good health.
  3. It helps balance the appetite, providing you keep a balanced menu and structured meals. Despite the false idea that you must not eat after any physical effort, it is important to have a balanced meal composed of proteins and carbohydrates, according to daily menus you have organized and depending on the activity you have practiced, especially if it has been very intensive. During the exercise, heart rate and body temperature increases. Then a process of appetite suppression starts to take place. In addition, about one hour after the end of any physical activity, a feeling of great hunger appears, along with the desire for something sweet and for proteins. It is not advisable to get to this stage, since it is more difficult to control foods and their quantity. Therefore, we recommend eating a meal combining proteins and carbohydrates, one hour after the end of physical activity.
  4. Sport improves your mood and reduces stress. During the activity, we secrete endorphins, which leads to a general feeling of well-being, reduces worries, depression and stress. People who practice physical activity on a regular basis are less prone to be depressed.
  5. Physical activity increases the use of daily energy and burns calories. Our body uses proteins and carbohydrates as well as fats in order to produce energy. When we create energetic shortage, that is when we eat fewer calories than the body needs in order to function, we force our body to use accumulated energy. Even though we hope that our body will directly turn to fat stocks, in reality it is not so. The first source of energy is proteins and sugars. The body will first draw energy from the muscles and then from the fatty tissues. Among athletes and regular sportsmen, the return to fatty tissues is carried out more rapidly.

Muscles are active even while resting. The more important their mass, the larger the number of calories burnt daily.

  1. Physical activity preserves the slim mass during the process of weight loss. Our body does not keep tissues with no reason, especially if those tissues, like muscles, require much energy. When we feel some lack of energy, our body protects itself and reduces energetic expenditure, so people on diet who do not practice any physical activity observe a loss of weight in pounds but not is fatty mass. They have lost some weight but they have not got thinner and if they regain their extra pounds, they will feel fatter than before. Physical activity activates the muscles, creates new ones and decreases the use of muscular tissues as a source of energy.
  2. Physical activity improves self-confidence. When you decide to engage in sport on a regular basis, you enjoy a body that is sexier and more attractive.
  3. Physical activity improves health. The lungs, the heart and the muscles work better and this allows for better daily activity: your walking is more stable, it is easier to carry things.

Tips for spontaneous physical activities:

  • Get off the bus or train a few stops before your destination and go on by foot.
  • Climb up and get down the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • Walk around the mall before starting shopping.

Tips for programmed physical activities:

  • Chose an activity you like and that you will be able to carry out for a long time.
  • Walks, working out in a gym, balls games, personal workout coach.

If you too have good excuses not to engage in physical activities, we will try to provide you with some answers.

  1. "I have two small children who require continuous monitoring". You may move with your children, go out to the park, take a ride on your bikes or do some exercises in front of your television.
  2. "I suffer from some medical problems that prevent me from practicing some physical activities". Swimming is recommended for most people. It is recommended to begin with physiotherapy and to consult a doctor.
  3. "I don't have time". Determine your time for activity in your schedule, like for any other meeting. Think about daily activities that you may forgo in order to get free time. You may also get up a little earlier, or go to the gym during your lunch break.
  4. "I am ashamed to exercise in public". Exercise in front of your television, get an exercise bike. You do not have to go to a gym.

How many calories do we burn?

A large part of the energy the body needs during the day is reserved for basic activities. 70% of the energy we spend is for breathing, for heart functioning; 15% for digestion; and 15% for physical activity. This activity includes everything. Sitting on your chair in your office, playing with your children, cleaning your apartment, walking, climbing up stairs and physical activity such as stepping, running, swimming, basketball…

We may have some impact on 15% of our energetic expenditures when practicing a regular physical activity. The more you practice, the more energy will be drawn from fatty tissues.

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