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How to not lose control when you are invited to a restaurant?

It is impossible to control the composition of the dishes in a restaurant; therefore, it becomes very difficult to manage our energy intake.

Here are some golden principles to help us limit the damage…

  1. Try not to be hungry when you go to a restaurant! I know, we repeat ourselves a lot, but this advice is precious. The hungrier we are, the more difficult it is to manage what or how much we eat… A small tip to deal with it: do not leave too much time between your meals! Half an hour before going to a restaurant or to friends for dinner, eat a whole apple with the peal and before the meal, drink a large glass of water!
  2. Drink a lot of water in general! The less you drink, the more you get hungry and therefore, you stick less to your diet. Always have a bottle of water with you!
  3. Of course, chew your food well, savor it slowly: firstly, because the feeling of satiety does not come immediately and also because restaurant food, which is richer, is also a pleasure that we must savor…
  4. Always have in your meal some source of protein and not too much fats (lean meat, fish, eggs…), raw and/or cooked vegetables, starchy food or bread, raw or cooked fruits. In addition, according to your choices, in your next meal incorporate whatever was missing.
  5. After such meals, exercise more than usual!
  6. Enjoy! Take some time before bites in order to talk with your friends or relatives, and chew your food thoroughly and slowly!

In any case, remember that it happens that you do not stick to your diet and you have dishes that are rich in calories and in fats. Even if you miss the mark, what is important is to know how to diminish the damage as much as possible! Do not let things get you down and do not think that if you have already erred, then nothing counts anymore and the way is open to excessive snacking! Have you eaten a piece of cake? Of course, this may not be dietetic but this is not the end of the world. Try to go on and not to commit any more excesses! Being aware of what you eat is the best way to live healthily.

Julie, Coach PLANTIA

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