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How to convince your husband or one of your relatives to diet?

To regain a slim figure, it is better to have the right people around you and to know how to provide the right food for the whole family!

It is not easy to lose weight and it is even more difficult to make other people lose weight, especially if your husband is a “lover of good food” and does not have much motivation.
Whatever the reasons, here are some tips from PLANTIA shop to help you put your dear and loving husband on a diet:

  • The ideal thing would be to convince him to take PLANTIA, since this will truly help him eat less without feeling deprived. You will save much energy, time and motivation thanks to our help.
  • Make him follow PLANTIA shop's method, and in order to help him, follow it yourself!
  • Make him understand kindly but firmly that aperitifs and small sandwiches between meals are strongly advised against.
  • Do your very best in the kitchen while choosing balanced recipes. He will be thankful to you. Do not give him second helpings. Do just enough so he is not tempted.
  • Do not eat near him and do not buy his favorite snacks.
  • If he has lunch in the cafeteria or in a restaurant, try to have him chose raw vegetables, fish and white meats. And no more than one glass of red wine is allowed!
  • Diners must be very light.
  • Try to have him practice some sport. Suggest going for a walk on the weekend or after diner, in nice places (avoiding going by his favorite ice-cream parlor!).
  • Above all, do not discourage him and avoid using weak arguments such as: "if you take second helpings, you are not going to lose weight", this is petty and instead of being effective, this kind of practice will discourage him and will reduce his self-confidence.

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