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Seven secrets to thinking like a slim person

Why a slim person never gains weight? The answer is in his attitude.

  1. Rediscovering the first signs of hunger
    Since birth, an infant has the marvelous ability to regularize his alimentary needs. Many works have proven that when we feed a baby according to his demands, his growth will be optimized even if he eats more on certain days, and less on others. We all were born with this ability, but some of us tend to ignore the signs our body sends, or tend to pay more attention to the voices that encourage us to eat more! How should we use this secret? Remember that our body has never stopped sending us messages of hunger or of satiety; we have only stopped listening to it. Trust your body: it knows exactly how to regularize your intakes, as it knows very well how to realize so many functions that are essential to our survival without even needing our help!
  2. Awareness to the end of the plate!
    Listening to our body requires eating with consciousness! "Slim" people naturally focus on what they eat. They pay much attention to their plate and this increases their pleasure from the meal and allows them to be more attentive to the signs their body sends. When our attention is driven out of our plate, we do not receive full physiological satisfaction from the meal we have absorbed, we finish our meal with this tenacious desire for more, and we generally succumb to it. How to use this secret? Eat while seated, even when tasting the food while cooking! Eat from a plate and not from a pack, a bag, a pan or a dish. Avoid eating in front of the television, even if you crunch a raw vegetable; do not eat either in front of the computer, while reading, while on the phone or while driving your car! Avoid eating automatically: many of us have already the next bite on the tip of their fork right after having devoured the previous one. Adapt the following golden rule: "When your mouth is full, your hands rest!". Put down your cutlery or your sandwich while chewing.
  3. The true-false feeling of hunger
    Many of us have forgotten how it is to be truly hungry. Physiological hunger indicates a genuine need for food. We eat for many reasons that are not always related to hunger and one of the means to avoid this situation is to remember what physiological hunger is. How to use this secret? Adopt the principle of pleasure: when we are really hungry, food always tastes better! Why eating sooner and losing some of the pleasure? Know how to recognize the first signs of hunger: a feeling of empty stomach, dizziness, a light nausea, some nervousness… All those who are hungry think only about food. Recognize the signs of false hunger: a desire for salted or sweat foods is often an illusion, like the sudden crush for food, caused either by the smell or the sight of food, the feeling of tension in the stomach because we are nervous, the desire to chew or to snack in answer to anxiety, anger, frustration, tiredness or boredom.
  4. Stopping eating at the right time!
    Have you ever had lunch with a "slim" person who has rejected an attractive dessert at the end of a meal, pleading that he was not hungry anymore? Our body has no interest in eating more that what it needs. However, such as fear of lack or the need to release ourselves from some bad feeling our thoughts often lead us to go beyond our limits. Our body leads us to stop eating the moment it has reached a state of satisfaction and not when we are already heavy and bloated. How to use this secret? Try to recognize when your body tells you that it is satisfied: when the feeling of hunger has turned to satisfaction but we do not yet feel heavy food in our stomach, when we could eat more but also may wait a little longer, when food does not taste that good and that it is more difficult for us to get focused on our plate. Recognizing when our body tells us that it has already eaten too much; when the feeling of saturation comes with pain; when we have to open a button or release one hole of our belt, when our cloths are tighter than they were before the meal and when we become sleepy.
  5. To eat right, you must get rid of some taboos!
    Many people believe that if they would allow themselves to eat whatever they want the most, they would rapidly gain weight. However, slim people naturally eat whatever they want the most, but they start eating when they are truly hungry and they stop on time. Therefore, they never eat large quantities. Do you remember that your body knows exactly how to regularize our food intake? If we decide to deprive ourselves from the kinds of food we like the most, they become more attractive to us, but if there is no forbidden dish, even the most "taboo" dishes loose their attractiveness! How to use this secret? Not to create a feeling of lacking: if we promise that we may eat everything whenever we want, next time we eat whatever we want, we will not exaggerate. We must set new limits: instead of "allowed" and "forbidden", our limits will be "hunger" and "satiety". If we respect those limits, we may eat everything. Remember that every time we decide to forbid some food to ourselves, we provide this food with incredible strength, and so, every time we allow ourselves to eat it, we provide ourselves with the strength to get rid of the desire for this food.
  6. Eat what you like
    "Slim" people act naturally while following the feelings of their body at the end of the meal. They will not eat some of the foods, because those raise bad feelings, they will combine different kinds of foods because this combination makes them feel good. How to use this secret? Be aware of what you feel after eating. You may pay attention to the fact that after having eaten something sweet, you feel tired and you lose energy, or maybe you will discover that some foods make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Draw conclusions: if some foods make you sick, you may want to stop consuming them. Do not forget that you must follow the principle of pleasure and that there is no sense eating something that causes us pain.
  7. Living with your emotions
    Some of us have learned to eat in reaction to stress, uneasiness, frustration, tiredness or boredom… turning food into a lifeline that is always there for us and cannot deceive us. Food then becomes a source of comfort and stabilization, which helps us survive. "Slim" people do not find refuge in food, they recognize the fact that they are in distress and undertake other actions as remedies. How to use this secret? Recognize your feelings: finding refuge in food has become automatic. Each time you are ready to eat, ask yourself if what you feel is physiological hunger. If not, it is obvious that you eat because something is going wrong. Try to recognize the source of your feeling and to find something to replace food: if you are bored, find an occupation, if you are sad, you need an attentive ear or some human warmth. Do not judge yourself! Every "emotional eater" knows that food makes uneasiness go away, but after eating, he judges himself has been a coward and lacking any willpower. When we judge ourselves, we feel shame and disgust. These feelings often lead to even more excesses and so forth…

In order to break this vicious circle, we must stop judging ourselves. Accept the fact that you needed to eat and go forward! Understand the role of "emptiness in the heart": many define emotional food as a means to fill up such emptiness. This emptiness has a role: it reminds us what is lacking in our happiness: friends, a partner, a satisfying job… As long as we do not fill up this emptiness with food, we prevent ourselves from getting what we really need.

As long as food keeps being our best friend, we may not have other friends. If food is our most loyal lover, it will always be the ideal substitute for a genuine partner. It is not so obvious, nor easy, to get out of this dead end, but it is the only way to taste life!

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